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The Top 3 Winter Destinations for a Romantic Cottage Holiday.

Winter is coming, and everyone is celebrating. Sadly though, it can be quite difficult for couples to keep the fires of passion burning due to the stressful holiday preparations and the cold weather.

The Top 3 Winter Destinations for a Romantic Cottage Holiday.

But what you should understand the fact that the holidays and the winter season are two things that you should take advantage of to ensure that your relationship with your partner will still be as strong as ever. 

The secret to this is to go on an English countryside trip. Can you just imagine how romantic and cosy a trip to the countryside can be? Can you just think of how happy you and your partner may feel while you watch the sunset from a castle? Or how peaceful a retreat to the mountains can be? 

If you want to make the most out of your winter holidays, here are three of the most romantic winter destinations you can visit: 

1.    Northumberland

Northumberland is one of the best romantic destinations in England because it offers you the best of many worlds. This destination is not just about the beaches or the wildlife or the picturesque villages or the fantastic views—it is about all of them.

ONe of the most romantic Northumberland village that you can ever see is the Corbridge. This English village may be small but do not underestimate the amount of ancient houses, shops and tourist spots that you can find here. The must-visit destinations here include Roman Town, Aydon Castle, Hexham Abbey, Brocksbushes Farm and many more. 

What makes this place even more romantic is the availability of romantic secluded cottages in many corners of this village.

 2.    The Lake DistrictCumbria

Cumbria transforms come winter season. The valleys that feature shades of yellow, gold and orange are covered with snow which is indeed a sight to behold.

More than that, this fantastic place offers lots of heartfelt yet straightforward activities that you and your partner can enjoy—a private walk on a sunny winter morning, breathtaking views of the hills, cosy fires and warm drinks in tearooms and pubs, and majestic sunrise and sunset sessions.

Spending winter in Lake District remote, romantic cottages is one of the best decisions that you can ever make as the privacy of these places can help you escape the daily hustle and bustle of your stressful life.  

 3.    The Cotswolds

This charming destination in England always look beautiful during the summer season, but it can be an idyllic and less busy destination come the cold winter months. There are two magical Cotswolds towns that you should not miss in winter.

First, we have Stanton, an unspoilt village that is known for its long-distance footpath that runs along the Costwolds edge. The other one is the Bourton-on-the-Water which is the home to the Birdland Park and Garden and Dragonfly maze. 

Indeed, an escape to the romantic secluded cottages in the English countryside is just what you need to revive the passion in your relationship. What makes the English countryside more charming than all the other winter destinations you can choose from is the vast array of remote cottages that you can stay in. 

The isolated location and the homey feel that these cottages have will truly make for a whimsical and intimate escape which is exactly what you need.

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